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These pages host the Member Net of the International Society for Human Ethology (ISHE).

If you are encountering problems with your account or the PayPal payment please contact the membership chair Caroline Allen at

If you decide for payment by check then please allow for up to 4 weeks for processing your request. You cannot access your profile or the Member Area while your funds have not been registered. However, your data is not visible to other members yet.
You will receive an email when your registration is finished.  

Send a check in U.S. funds made out to ISHE.  DonĀ“t forget to indicate your name and the kind of membership. 
Send the check to:
Amanda Hahn, ISHE

Department of Psychology

Behavioral and Social Sciences Building, Room 410, 1 Harpst Street

Arcata, CA

For all other ISHE-related issues please go to the ISHE homepage.
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